Do portable jump starters work multiple times on one charge? Weego busts the nonsensical claims of the competition

Do Portable Jump Starters Work Multiple Times on One Charge?

Myth-busting Nonsensical Claims of the Competition

At Weego we understand why you would want to know the answer to the question: do portable jump starters work multiple times on just one charge? We can confidently say yes, however, the more difficult question is how many times? We want to give you an answer, but we really can't - and for good reason, too. A lot of our competition likes to throw numbers out there without justification, and that can be very misleading. It's a very arbitrary claim to make: there's no way for a company to know how many times their jump starter will jump your vehicle. The true measurement relies on way too many factors:

  • Engine size - big engines will consume more power than small engines
  • Health of your battery - the 'more dead' your battery is, the more power the engine will need to consume from your jump starter
  • Outside temperature - a cold engine consumes more power than a warm engine
  • Specific vehicle characteristics - there are also many individual factors to each vehicle that may cause them to consume more power during a jump start than other vehicles
What we can tell you is this: you will get multiple jumps out of your Weego jump starter before you need to recharge it, so with us it's no longer a question of do portable jump starters work multiple times. During in-house testing we're able to pull maximum currents (pushed to its most extreme limits) from each Weego at least four times before recharging; so rest assured you're covered!
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