7 Things to Do Before Your Next Road Trip

7 Things to Do Before Your Next Road Trip

There’s plenty of spontaneity involved in road trips, like unplanned stops at roadside attractions and adding a few hours to your journey just to take the scenic route. The Weego Team has come up with a list of things to do to prep for your next road trip so you can worry less and adventure more!

  • Check your car Before leaving, check your car’s oil, brakes, tires, wiper fluid, and anything else that could potentially cause an issue. Make sure your spare tire is fully inflated, and bring along a car emergency kit.

  • Charge your Weego Make sure your Weego portable jump starter is ready for use in case of a dead battery. Your Weego should be charged every 6 months as routine maintenance.

  • Make a Packing List We’ve given you a head start with our list of 7 Road Trip Must-Haves, but our big takeaway here is to consider both comfort and safety.

  • Clean Your Car Sitting in a vehicle for hours, or even days, is a much better experience in a clean car! Be sure to bring trash bags, wipes, hand sanitizer, or some car organizers to keep things tidy and fresh on the road.

  • Download Songs and Audiobooks Download a variety of listening options including podcasts, audiobooks, and songs to satisfy every mood and preference, especially if you’re driving with multiple passengers. A good playlist or novel can make long stretches of open road that much more enjoyable.

  • Download Apps and Emergency Numbers Downloading apps and pre-programming phone numbers is important if you’re going to be traveling through remote areas. GPS apps like Waze and Google Maps can help avoid high traffic areas as well. Be sure to print or purchase maps as a backup, if necessary.

  • Remember to Have Fun! They say it’s the journey, not the destination. If you’re not thrilled about the long drive, just think about the people you’re with and the memories you’re making together along the way!
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