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Weego 44S

Weego 44S

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Our Weego 44s lithium jump starter delivers 440 cranking amps in an ultra-compact design weighing less than one pound.  No bigger than most cell phones, it can jump start boats, motorcycles and almost all the cars and trucks on the road today.  Weego 44s delivers the very latest in power management and is rated for 7-liter gas engines and 3.5-liter diesel engines.

The Weego 44s is designed to charge your phone, tablet, and other portable devices. It features a USB-C charge port called Detect-o-Matic™. To charge your USB-C devices, simply connect the provided USB-C to USB-C cord to your Weego 44s’ USB-C input/output port, connect it to your device, power on the Weego 44s, and start charging.

Perfect for: cars, boats, trucks, SUVs and more!

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Gas Engines: 7L+
Diesel Engines: 3.5L+
Battery Capacity: 27Wh
Battery Type: Lithium-polymer
Volts: 12V
Peak/Cranking Current: 2100A/440A
Max Input: 5V/3A
Max Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A
USB Charging Port(s): 1 USB-C
Recharge Time: 2.5 Hours
LED Indicator Lights: 5
Charging Cycles: Up to 1000
Operating Temp: -4°F to 114°F
IP65 Rated: Water, Dust & Dirt Resistant
Flashlight: N/A
Dimensions: 5.62″ x 3.44″ x 1.04″
Weight: .70 lbs
Warranty: Crazy Long 24-Month
What’s in the Box? Jump Starter, Smarty Clamps®, USB-C Charging Cord & Carrying Bag, Quick Start Guide


1 Battery Indicator Lights
2 Smarty Clamps Socket
3 Recharge Port

Smarty Clamps®

Revolutionary, patented, spark proof clamps ensure foolproof operation. Automatic safety protections & a series of lights and sounds walk you through a worry-free jump. Designed with extra-wide openings and tapered tips, with power on both sides to ensure the best connection possible.


Recharges in 2.5 Hours
Up to 1000 Charge Cycles
Holds a Charge for up to 1 Year


We combine innovation with the practical needs of our customers to produce the most safe and reliable portable jump starters.  We design, engineer and test our products in the USA and we offer lifetime customer support - if something goes wrong, contact us and we will make it right.

  • "I give the Weego 44 high marks as a versatile emergency power source and really like how well it fits into my communications kit."

  • "It not only saves a call for someone to bring a car to us … or ask a nearby stranger, but we can take care of the issue right at hand, even without having previous knowledge of how to jumpstart a car. It's simple and empowering."

  • "MacGyver's got nothin' on the new and improved Weego 66 Jump Starting Power Pack."


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    “I don’t leave the house without my Weego…it’s a life-saver. It’s got me out of jam multiple times!!” Jim S.