7 Road Trip Must Haves

7 Road Trip Must-Haves

Every road tripper has experienced a sense of adventure while cruising to their destination with the windows down and radio on. Road trips make for memorable experiences, and can be made even better with a little preparation. Here are a few of the Weego Team’s top 7 must-have items for road trips!

  • Water & Snacks Whether you’re traveling a short distance or to a faraway destination, a variety of snacks is essential for both sustenance and diffusing hanger (hungry + anger) pains. Consider a mix of essentials like electrolyte packets, Boxed Water, and protein bars along with novelties like gummy worms, chips, beef jerky, and fruit.

  • Weego Portable Jump Starter This is a non-negotiable: whether spontaneous or planned, road trips require a portable jump starter. There is nothing fun about your engine breaking down in an unfamiliar or remote area with no cell service. Depending on which Weego model you bring along for the journey, you may also be able to check a flashlight and USB charger off your packing list too!

  • Pillows & Blankets In order to keep your passengers comfortable, ensure everyone brings a pillow and blanket. Not only are road trips prime time for sleeping, everyone is most comfortable at different temperatures. For safety reasons, fleece and thermal blankets are also a great idea when traveling in colder climates.

  • Emergency Kit Prepare for any situation with a well-thought-out emergency kit. Consider packing 3-days worth of nourishment and supplies to handle any element like fire, flood, high wind, and snow.

  • Notebook + Cameras Keep track of your favorite locations, interesting attractions, and the little moments in between with a journal and camera. Break out the Polaroid or disposable camera for tangible memories.

  • Sunglasses, Sunscreen, & Chapstick Sunglasses, sunscreen, and ChapStick will keep your skin safe regardless of climate. Blinding white snow? Check. Blazing hot sun? Check. High winds with zero humidity? Check!

  • Printable Games Road trips can be long for adults, and even longer for energetic kids. Encourage them to look away from devices and to the outdoors with games like I Spy, License Plate Game, Car Colors, and Road Sign Bingo. Download the templates below! If you're traveling with kids in tow, try out our free printable Road Trip Kit! Simply download, and print to create an activity binder to keep your kids busy while you're on the road. The games include I Spy, License Plate Game, Car Colors, and Road Sign Bingo.

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