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How Northerners Keep Their Engines Running in Sub-Zero Temps

Winter is tough on cars, but nowhere is that more obvious than in the far north, where sub-zero temperatures are a regular ordeal. Such temperatures can make it impossible to start a vehicle, given that engine liquids can freeze and the cold can make it difficult for mechanical functions to get moving. There’s a quick fix, though; it’s foreign to those of us living south of Canada, and an absolute must for the ones living in these temperatures.

Our Frozen Friends equip their vehicles with engine block heaters and oil pan heaters. When the car is off, they have it plugged into an outlet that runs the heaters while the driver is away. If you ever catch a Canadian Snow Bird driving south for the winter, you may see a cable sticking out of the hood of their car, and this is why! Power stations are not uncommon to come across in public spaces, such as office buildings. If you’re sitting at your desk for 8 hours, that means your car is sitting in the cold for 8 hours – that’s more than enough time to get you stuck at the office unless your plugged in!

If you don’t have any heaters, you’re forced to start your car every few hours while it’s outside, or to leave it running altogether (which isn’t good on a few different levels). I wouldn’t want to be running out into a frozen tundra every few hours just to start my car. The $150-$200 investment it takes to buy and install a heater is an easy price to pay for the reassurance that your engine won’t freeze!

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