We’ve put some pretty detailed information in place so you can get most of your questions answered without picking up a phone or sending an email – however, if you still can’t find what you need, you can always contact us.


I followed the necessary steps but my vehicle is still unable to start. Now What?

There are several factors that could lead to a failed jump start. See the below list of what we’ve identified to be common culprits; if the problem persists, get in touch with us through support@myweego.com

  • Clamp connection quality (between clamps and battery): a poor or minimal connection between Weego clamps and vehicle battery could result in a failed jump start – even if the light is green, it’s still good practice to ensure your making maximum contact with the terminals and to dig the clamps into the vehicle battery.
  • Properly connected clamps (between clamps and jump box): If your Weego clamps are not responding when connected to a vehicle battery, assure the blue connector is fully seated (see image). This will allow for proper communication between the Jump Box and the smarty clamps sensors.
    Product Image Chart
  • Dirty battery terminals: build-up blocks power from easily traveling from your Weego to your vehicle's battery.
  • Low-Charged Weego: it’s always best to work with full power on your Weego if you can. Our jump starters perform better at 100% charge than they do at 20% charge, especially when jumping larger engines.
  • Vehicle-specific compatibility issues: occasionally we come across a vehicle that has unique power demands that a smaller model cannot fulfill, even though it’s within our recommended engine range. In addition, vehicles with heavier electronics can sometimes create issues when jumping with a Weego; we mostly see this in push-to-start vehicles.
  • Ambient temperatures: below-freezing temperatures greatly hinder a jump start as it freezes the vehicle and the Weego battery (if it was stored at ambient temperature, too). A frozen engine needs more power than usual to start, and a frozen battery supplies less power. It’s a lose-lose that could result in a failed jump.


  • Low Voltage Battery & BYPASS Feature

BYPASS on 44s & 70:
Guide Image

BYPASS on 120:
Guide Image

My unit won’t power on/charge/charge past a few lights.

If your unit won’t power on, won’t take a charge OR won’t charge past a few lights then it’s been over discharged. This can happen if the unit is left ON, or if an engine pulled the Weego battery past a certain limit during a jump start.

Please reach out to support@myweego.com to let them know about this issue – we’ll receive and test the over discharged Weego, then determine if we can repair it or if it needs to be fully replaced.

My unit won’t turn on after I have used it to jump start my vehicle.

For models 44.1 & 66.1

If Weego will not power on after a jump start, it needs to be connected to a charger to “reset” – this action only requires a few seconds on the charger.

  • Connect Weego to provided wall charger
  • If on the road, connect Weego do DC charger provided (cigarette charger) – even if your car battery is dead, it will still have enough power to reset your Weego.
  • Please note: It is normal for the LED battery indicator lights on your unit to flash when you plug your unit into the charger.

For models 22s/22/44s/70 & 120

Please reach out to support@myweego.com to let them know about this issue.

I have a lithium-ion battery

Our products are primarily for jumping lead-acid batteries but can also be used with Lithium-Ion vehicle batteries. We highly recommend consulting with your dealer service team to ensure jump starting is performed as directed by the battery manufacturer.

I have a GEL/AGM battery

Our products are intended for jumping all lead-acid batteries, which includes varieties like GEL or AGM.

I have a hybrind and/or electric vehicle

Hybrid Vehicles – Our products can be used on the 12V lead-acid or lithium-ion starting battery, as you would with a gasoline vehicle starting system.

Electric Vehicles – A Weego jump starter can be used to power a depleted 12V lead-acid or lithium-ion accessory battery, you will have to consult with your dealer service team for proper steps needed on your specific make & model EV.

I have a CPAP machine

For models 44.1/66.1/70 & 120

You can connect to your CPAP via our 12V DC adapter, but the CPAP adapter must be 12V and pull no more than 10A (120W total). We have not done any testing on CPAP machines and each one is different; therefore, we cannot guarantee any run durations and suggest you do a test run to ensure that the machine can work throughout the night.

Can I use my Weego as a trickle charger?

Weego jump starters are not meant to be used as trickle chargers and will not function as such. They are strictly jump starters, designed for momentary high-output bursts of power.


Weego isn't charging my device(s)?

Check 3 things:

  1. Ensure your Weego is properly charged before use. When you press the power button and the indicator light starts blinking, it’s time to charge your Weego.
  2. Weego doesn’t power on automatically – when you attach your device to your Weego, make sure you press the orange power button on the Weego to initiate a charge.
  3. Your USB cord may be the issue, if not already doing so, use, the original cord supplied from your device manufacturer. Some devices are not compatible with 'third-party chargers', like battery packs. You may see this message on your phone or tablet. If your Weego isn’t compatible with your device, let us know by CONTACTING US

I am trying to charge Weego and my device at the same time and it is not working

Weego will favor the charge coming from the wall, car, or other charging equipment (selfish, we know). You have to charge the Weego first, then charge your device – unfortunately you cannot do both at the same time.  However, our Tour 10400 does allow you to charge the Weego and your device at the same time!  We call this "pass-through charging".

Weego is getting warm during charge or discharge

Batteries work hard to give you the power you need so some warmth is normal – sort of like how you heat up whenever you exercise. If you're using your device while charging it with a Weego, it will seem especially warm. Again, this is normal; however, if you feel Weego is becoming too hot, detach your device from your Weego, and CONTACT US.