Weego 44 is one of the easiest jump starters I've ever used

Well Connected Mom: Weego 44 is One of the Easiest Jump Starters I’ve Ever Used

Well Connected Mom calls the Weego 44 "a must for every car".

"I remember the time my husband and I took our kids to the drive-in movie and couldn’t figure out how to turn off the back light inside our SUV with the tailgate up, even though the key was out of the ignition.

We loved the movies and after they ended at 11:45pm, we went to start the car…it was dead. Ugh. We tried desperately to flag someone down, but at this late time of night, it was not easy, people wanted to get their kids home.

We finally found someone to help us. We were exhausted but so appreciative.

With the Weego jumpstart, this mishap won’t happen this way the next time. Within minutes, we could jumpstart our own battery and be on our way."

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