Weego 66 Included in Sport Fishing Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide

Weego 66 Included in Sport Fishing Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for a fisherman this holiday? Sport Fishing Magazine created a fishing gift guide to help you find the perfect gift, and they’ve included our Weego 66 as a versatile tool to add to their assortment of fishing gear.

"Buying gifts for a fisherman can be challenging, unless you know the intricacies of that angler’s arsenal or, better yet, his or her covetous wish list. Of course, gifts can be returned or even swapped among friends, so don’t let stress spoil the season. To help you nail the perfect holiday surprise, we compiled a fishing gift guide with an assortment of 39 gift options and 10 stocking-stuffer ideas that should streamline your shopping. We included some specific options for women anglers, as more and more manufacturers are designing technical gear—particularly apparel—for females. Of course, many gear and tackle items work equally well for both genders, and we’ve included those here.


Weego 66

The Weego 66 water-resistant, portable jump-starter can deliver enough power to a dead battery to crank any size outboard engine. The 12-volt jump-starts with 2,500 peak amps and 660 cranking amps. It can also charge mobile devices and brighten the night with a 600-lumen dual LED flashlight."

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