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Weego 44- Mountain Weekly News Winter Car Survival Kit

A dead battery is a major inconvenience and safety issue especially during the winter season. That's why with Weego's full line of power pack jump starters you'll have the power you need in any emergency.

Recently, Mountain Weekly News created a winter car survival kit list essential for keeping you and your crew safe on the roadways. Guess who made the top of the list – Weego Portable Power!

Read the full article on Winter Car Survival!

About the Weego 44 Jump Starter With added power and charge features, Weego 44.1 is great for those who own larger engines (like trucks & SUVs) or own multiple vehicles. With the ability to charge anything from phones to tablets, power 12V tools and accessories, and run a 500 lumen flashlight for hours on end, this is a great tool to have in your emergency kit. Perfect for: cars, boats, trucks, SUVs and more!

If you are still trying to find the perfect gift for an outdoor enthusiast on your list, Weego can help. We have recommendations for anyone on your holiday list and for any budget. You might even discover a few items to add to your own wishlist.

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