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Weego 44s on Vehicle Service Pros: "44s Lithium Jump Starter"

Our Weego 44s Jump Starter was recently featured by Vehicle Service Pros. is your source for service repair, collision repair and aftermarket distribution news.

"The Weego 44s Lithium Jump Starter delivers 440 cranking amps in an ultra-compact design weighing less than one pound. No bigger than most cell phones, it can jump start boats, motorcycles, and almost all cars and trucks on the road today. Weego 44s is rated for 7L gas engines and 3.5L diesel engines. With the company's advanced voltage detection, Weego 44s can recognize a lead acid battery as low as 0.5V and can provide voltage support to raise and maintain the voltage of the vehicle’s battery to a level safe for jump starting. Additionally, Weego's patented Smarty Clamps ensure users from making a mistake, walking them through a successful jump start by lights and sounds."

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