Motorcyclist - 6 Must-Have Motorcycle Travel Accessories

As you prepare for Sturgis 6 Must-Have Motorcycle Travel Accessories

As you prepare for Sturgis (or any road trip, for that matter), be sure to pack your panniers with the following . . .
The basic Sturgis survival kit. (Julia LaPalme)
  1. No matter how powerful your headlights, they aren’t much help for inspecting tires or peering into fuel tanks, just two instances when Surefire’s 600-lumen LED Defender Ultra flashlight ($250) can prove illuminating.
  2. Flat when empty, expanded when full, HydraPak’s Stash 750 ($18) flexible bottle maximizes pack space and is much lighter than a hard bottle.
  3. Carved from a titanium billet, Benchmade’s anodized, single-piece 781 Anthem knife ($500) has a 3.5-inch blade, weighs just 3.7 ounces, and is more lust-worthy than some bikes.
  4. Saddleback’s full-grain leather Moleskine journal cover ($49 to $69), which has a strong pigskin lining, is stitched with marine-grade thread (as used on sails), and becomes more beautiful with age, will have you documenting your next road trip in style.
  5. With Weego’s Jump Starter 22 ($99), dead batteries—on phones, bikes, or even automobiles—are just minor inconveniences with this power pack.
  6. Tools don’t help when you can’t find them, but that’s an unlikely scenario when they’re stashed snugly in the slots of Red Clouds Collective’s handcrafted, waxed-canvas Landseer tool roll ($89), which closes securely with leather straps and solid brass buckles.
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