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Rainy Day Gift Guide 2019: Power Gifts - Weego 44

Rainy Day Magazine highlights Weego 44 in their “Power Gifts” gift guide as a useful tool not only for emergencies, but also for everyday use with its flashlight and USB charging functions – plus it’s compact and lightweight (“small enough to fit into a stocking”)!

"With portable electronic devices doing more than ever, power is something everyone wants and needs. The RainyDayInterns have put together a gift guide of power gear for home and auto.


Jump starters for cars have gotten smaller; have you noticed? The big reason is that batteries have gotten more powerful without becoming bulkier. Even though they’re smaller, additional functions (LED flashlights, USB charging, etc) have also been added to make them useful on a daily basis, not just something to reach for in emergencies. The two jump starters reviewed here are the smallest we have seen—small enough to fit into a stocking.

Weego 44 Power Pack

  • Can jump start engines (7L gas and 3.5L diesel) quickly and easily;
  • 2100 peak amps and 400 true cranking amps, guaranteed;
  • Up to 3 years standby power on a single charge and 1000 charging cycles;
  • Built-in 500 lumen LED flashlight, smart USB charging, and a 12-volt port.”
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