Moto IQ Reviews Weego 22

MotoIQ: Tested! Weego's Lunch Box Automotive Power Source

We get all sorts of cool stuff in the mail at MotoIQ's palatial mega-garage. Manufacturers send us stuff in hopes that we will test it and write about it. This means that we have more than our share of miracle lubes and additives, car care products and weird gadgets. Most of these things end up not working so well, so you never read about it here. However, the other day we got a box from a company we had never heard of called Weego.

When we opened the shipping container we were puzzled to find something that looked like one of the lunch boxes that we used to carry as kids. Remember those little enameled steel boxes with cartoon characters or superheroes silk screened on the outside? What was this cute little thing in the lunch box? Well, we were puzzled to see what was inside so we opened it up.

MotoIQ - Weego 22
Lo and behold, the Weego box contains a super compact jump battery. Reading the enclosed literature, the Weego 22 model that we got can start either a gas engine up to 5 liters or a diesel up to 2.5 liters.

The Weego 22 uses a powerful lithium-ion battery that is good for over 1000 charge cycles and can hold a full charge for a year. In case the cute lunch box case is too bulky for you, if you use the enclosed carrying bag, the whole deal takes up about the same room an old VHS tape. This means that you can stash the Weego 22 in your glovebox or center console and rest assured that you will always have power for your car.

In addition to being a jump starter, the Weego 22 has the circuitry to work as a smart charger to quickly and efficiently charge your cell phone many times, great to ensure communications in power emergencies.

The Weego 22 has a built-in LED 250 lumen light that is strong enough to work as a camp light or even a tactical light. The battery has enough capacity to let the light burn for 14 hours straight. This makes the Weego 22 a great tool to get you through times of blackout.

The Weego is ruggedized for hard use as well. The battery, electronics, and wiring are IP65 certified for dust and water intrusion. The water intrusion test is actually high-pressure jets, so you can imagine that the sealing is pretty decent.

Moto IQ - Weego 22 with Engine
The MotoIQ Megashop always has its share of cars with dead batteries. Our DC2 Integra project was dead because Vince left the key in it. We can report that the Weego 22 started it right up with ease.
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