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Weego 44s featured on Four Wheeler Network: "10 Adventure and Off-Road Gear Gift Items!"

Our new Weego 44s Lithium Jump Starting Power Pack was recently included in a list of 10 Off-Read Gear Gift Items by Four Wheeler Network. This article features some off-road and backcountry-oriented gifts for the explorer in your life. "Need a jump? Weego packed 440 cold-cranking amps into an ultra-compact design that weighs in under a pound. It's called the Weego 44S, and it's said to be able to jump-start boats, motorcycles, and most vehicles on the road or trail. Weego's 44S can recognize a lead-acid battery with a charge as low as 0.5 volts and will precondition the battery to raise and maintain the battery's voltage to a level safe for jump-starting. Smarty Clamps and numerous visual and audio cues help make every jump start successful." Click here to read the full article by Four Wheeler Network
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