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Weego 44s on Cruising Odyssey : "Weego Offers New Compact Jump Starter"

Cruising Odyssey recently featured our Weego 44s Lithium Jump Starter, highlighting how much power we packed into this compact unit!

"Weego has just introduced a new portable N44s Jump Starter for boats, cars, trucks and motorcycles. It’s based on the success of Weego’s N22 model, and it delivers 50 percent more power for the same relatively low price.

All told, the new N44S provides 44 cranking amps in an ultra-compact design. The charger is about the size of most cell phones (just 5.6 inches high) and it weighs less than a pound.

The N44s can start vehicles with up to 7L gas engines or 3.5L diesels. It holds a year of standby power on a single charge, and its lithium technology offers longer power retention. Indeed, it’s reliable for 1,000 charging cycles. You can recharge it in just 2.5 hours.

Gerry Toscani, the CEO of Weego, says the N44s is “the safest and most reliable jump starter on the market,” and it “can hold a charge for a year and still bring life to your dead battery.”

The N44s comes with Weego’s Smarty Clamps, a micro USB cord for recharging the unit, a carrying bag and instructions. The Smarty Clamps are ergonomic with an easy-to-hold patented design. They have a tapered tip to reach into tight battery compartments, and wide-opening jaws for a secure connection."

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