BassMaster Gear Review: Weego Jump Starting Power Packs

BassMaster Gear Review: Weego Jump Starting Power Packs


An established name in portable jump starters and rechargeable battery packs, Weego introduces a new lineup of rugged, compact high-performance jump starting power packs designed for increased power and enhanced with practical features. Four levels of independently lab-tested lithium-ion power packs offer an option for every engine size and budget to provide peace of mind to and independence regardless of whether you’re rolling to a tournament, taking the family fishing or heading out to the deer lease.


Weego’s attention to user-friendly design is evident in each model’s ergonomic, patented Smarty Clamps — jump starter clamps with extra wide jaws and power on both sides. Each model incorporates lights and sounds to guide users through the jumping process, while tapered tips secure easily and safely onto any battery terminal. Space-saving vertical packaging makes each unit easy to handle and convenient to store.

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