AdvMoto Gear Review of Weego 22

ADV Moto Gear Review: Weego 22 Jump Starter

ADV Moto reviews the Weego 22 and some of its best features.

"In four years on the road through 21 countries, a single charge from Weego has given us a “get out of jail free” card four times. Once by resurrecting a depleted cell battery off road in mainland Mexico, and thrice stirring life back into the stator on Jason’s F800GS—deep inside Death Valley National Park, on an isolated sandy trail to the Mission San Borja on the Baja Peninsula, and inside the wilds of Yosemite National Park. Without the use of this nifty piece of kit, there’s no doubt in my mind that one of our bikes would have been stranded in a remote location. As full-time moto-travelers on a frugal budget, neither of us can afford roadside assistance, and because we love exploring in far-flung places off the beaten track, who knows when a Good Samaritan with battery cables would have jumped to the rescue.

This jacket pocket-sized wonder will jump-start your motorcycle. In fact, it’ll swing practically anything on wheels up to a 5-liter gas or 2.5-liter diesel engine into jump-start action. That applies to boats, too. With a surprising amount of gumption packed into the handheld unit, Weego 22 steers you through an error-free process of lights, leads with tapered tips for hard-to-reach battery terminals, and idiot-proof alarms to guide even the least gadget-oriented person or the most mechanically challenged. Additionally, the unique, patented Smarty Clamps demand little exertion to open wide and clamp down securely compared to previous models used. The cables reach that little bit farther and, thankfully, don’t get tangled easily."

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