NYT Wirecutter Features Weego 44s

Weego 44s featured in Wirecutter

Annemarie Conte, Deputy Editor at the NYT Wirecutter and author of Wherever We Go, We Bring the Weego 44s Portable Jump Starter - featured our most popular jump starter, the Weego 44s. The size of a cell phone and less than 1 lb, the Weego 44s is ideal for those who love traveling light but still want a powerful and versatile device that works with multiple vehicles. The Wirecutter has recommended Weego gear since 2017 when they first published a guide that included our Weego 22s. Since then they stopped maintaining the full guide, but this February they featured our Weego 44s as it is the updated/upgraded version of our original 22s. We are absolutely thrilled to be featured again by the NYT Wirecutter and we were happy to hear that Weego is a Wirecutter staff favorite! Read more here!
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