Build Your Own Winter Emergency Prep Kit

Build Your Own Winter Prep Kit for Your Car

With the winter season just a few weeks away, it’s a good time to make a winter prep kit for cold and icy conditions. We have provided a list of items to stock in your car in case you get stuck or stranded. Carry the following items in your vehicle to prepared should an emergency arise:
  • Weego Jump Starter: Sometimes the cold can make it difficult to start your car, in which case you'll want a jump starter-handy. In addition to getting your vehicle started, Weego Jump Starters also make for great emergency flashlights and provide multiple charges to your phone and other portable devices. All of these are essential if you're stuck and in need of power.

  • Small snow shovel: Let's hope you don't have to dig yourself out of a situation, but…just in case!

  • Ice scraper & snow brush: For the safety of you and other drivers around you, it's essential (and required by the law) to scrape/brush off all ice and snow from the windows and atop your car before hitting the road.

  • Sand, salt or cat litter: These are quick solutions for tires stuck in the ice or snow. Each option provides traction and helps absorb moisture. Cat litter is also useful to keep in the interior to absorb moisture. It’s the internal moisture that fogs up your windows when you crank the heat.

  • Blanket or spare coat + gloves: If you're stranded with a car that won't start, make sure you take measures to keep yourself warm.

  • Warning flares or flashlight triangles: If you're stranded on the side of the road, it's important to be noticeable to other drivers. Bad weather conditions can make it difficult for them to see you.

  • Extra window-washing solvent: The average driver goes through more solvent in the winter than any other time for windshield-defrosting. Make sure you have extra in the car, because running on empty could prove to be very unsafe.
More suggestions (see even more here):
  • Non-perishable food/snacks - nuts, energy bars etc.
  • Water or electrolyte drinks
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