Cars in the snow - jump start

Why It’s So Much Harder to Start Your Car in the Cold

It’s no coincidence your car battery seems to struggle more during the winter months - cold has a significant effect on a battery’s ability to generate power. To understand why, you first should know the very basics of how a battery works. Inside a battery there’s a bunch of chemicals just waiting to react with one another; when these chemical reactions occur, electricity is generated. The cold makes it more difficult for these chemical reactions to take place, and therefore make it more difficult to generate power! Think of how hard it is to move your fingers around outside in the cold versus moving them inside your warm home. The concept with batteries is the same – it’s just harder to get things moving in freezing temperatures. Those brave souls living in the northern U.S. or across the border in Canada often combat this predicament by installing heaters under the hood of their car that keep everything at a comfortable temperature; however, if heaters are not an option, Weego's make for a great alternative. Weego Jump Starters can always provide the extra push you need to start your engines in the frozen tundra!
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