Car Battery

What Your Car Battery is Used For

We all know our cars come with a big, heavy, lead-acid battery. We also know we need that battery to start our car. If they “die”, which usually only happens at the most inconvenient time, you’re stuck like Chuck (unless you have a Weego, of course). What some don’t realize is how your battery plays a role when your engine is starting, when your engine is running, and when your engine is off.

First and foremost, your battery’s primary purpose is to start the engine – this requires a MASSIVE burst of power, which is what lead-acid batteries are good for. This burst only lasts a few short seconds – once the engine is started, most of the cars power then comes from the alternator. The alternator will run power to your electronics (radio, GPS, lights, etc.) while at the same time recharging your car battery. If you have a lot of electronics running at once, the alternator alone may not be enough – that’s when your car battery steps in and supplies an extra charge while you’re on the move! Lastly, anytime you try to run your electronics while the engine is off, the power is coming from the battery – however, be careful not to run them for too long! If you take too much power from the battery, you may not have enough to start the engine back up – but then again, that’s what Weego is here for.

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