Why You Should Carry Weego in Your Car All Winter Long

Why You Should Carry Weego in Your Car All Winter Long

After the holidays we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of winter, where temperatures drop to their ultimate lows and road conditions frequently become questionable at best. While you're on the road and exposing yourself to certain cold-weather risks, there are a few compelling reasons to equip your car (and that of your loved ones!) with a Weego Jump Starter:

  • First and foremost, Weegos are excellent and safe jump starters. Cold has an adverse effect on your car's battery. As the temperatures drop, the liquids within your battery freeze, making it hard to start your car. Lead acid batteries are severely affected by their age and extreme cold weather and they lose half of their power output because of their chemistry. Why? Because they are liquid filled and react to the cold temps differently than in "normal" temps. During the winter months it's always best to take along your Weego in case you need a jump. Our jump starters contain lithium ion batteries which have the same power output in temperatures as low as -4°F allowing them to effectively give your engine the extra boost it needs in cold weather. 

  • They're also a great backup charger for your cell phone and other devices. If you get stranded and need power to charge your cell phone or other USB devices, Weego's make for a great power source. You can get a multitude of full charges using our jump boxes, and they've got a built-in technology that charges your portable devices at the fastest-possible speed your device will allow - we call it "Detect-o-Matic Fast Charge".

  • They double as high-powered flashlights ideal for emergency situations, too. On a fully-charged unit you'll get up to 15 hours of high-powered light. You also have a strobe and an SOS setting, which are particularly useful in case of an emergency. The strobe may seem silly at first, but it's actually a smart tool to use if you're stuck on the side of the road and need to make other drivers aware of your presence, so they can take notice and keep a safe distance.

  • You can even use them to power 12V accessories. Some Weego models have a 12V/10A accessory port to power accessories through their cigarette adapter. We recommend a 12V heated blanket in case you get stuck and can't run the heat in your car! 
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