Stay entertained during Labor Day traffic!

Stay Entertained During Labor Day Traffic

Labor day is one of the busiest travel days of the year, which means it’s one of three worst times to travel, both by air and by road. If you’ll be behind the wheel this labor day weekend and traffic is inevitable, here are some ways to keep you entertained while you wait – Before you go:
  • Make a traffic playlist – put together an hour + of your favorite tunes. Stick to songs that make you happy rather than songs that inspire your inner Raging Bull.
  • Pack a Sammy – Nothing fuels road rage better than low blood sugar. Get a small cooler of your favorite snacks to hold you over between rest stops.
  • Pick out some podcasts – these are my favorite way of keeping my mind distracted while I’m in the car. Whether it’s a crime mystery or wild, true stories told from the horse’s mouth, you’re bound to learn something new, crazy, and interesting.
While you’ve got the time:
  • If you’re just sitting there, might as well call your mother. She would love to hear from you, we’re sure. If you’re lucky enough to still have your Grandparents around, give them a call too!
  • Get rid of all that crap in your car. Especially good activity for those who treat the back seat like it’s one large trash bin. Who knows, you may even find the source of that mystery smell.
  • Get out your favorite book, crossword puzzle, or trashy gossip magazine (what better time to indulge in guilty pleasures?).
If there’s company with you:
  • Play the Battle of the Bands - The car agrees on a song topic, and two people have 60 seconds to pick out a relevant song for that topic. Play both songs, and whoever gets the car vote for best choice wins a point.
  • Play the Singing Game – Someone starts by singing a single lyric to a song. The next person has to play off of their lyric with a line from another song, and so on. Whoever messes up gets one point, so the objective is to have the least amount of points possible
  • Play the Movie Game – The first person starts with the title of a movie, and the following person has to name an actor in that movie. The next person then has to name a movie in which that actor played, and so on…Whoever messes up gets a point, and the least amount of points wins the game! .
And of course, make sure you always have your Weego Jump Starter and/or Battery Pack with you, in case the need for emergency power should arise!
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