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Make Your Batteries Exercise for a Longer Life

Like humans, batteries age. And when they age they don’t work as well, until one day they just keel over and die. Like humans. Tragic, but such is life. However; like humans, batteries last a tad bit longer.

Believe it or not, your battery is just like a human. We start off strong in the beginning, but inevitably we begin to age. As we age our performance dwindles until one day when we keel over and die. Such is life. However, when the fatal day occurs has a lot to do with our health – healthy humans (and healthy batteries) live longer than unhealthy humans (and unhealthy batteries). The best way to keep a human healthy for longer is to exercise, and the same goes for batteries. We’re not suggesting you take your battery on a jog or to Pilates, but instead to give your battery a little bit of charge every once in a while. Charging is battery exercise!

For certain batteries, like the one in your smartphone or Apple Watch, exercise is daily – they get charged and recharged every single day. But what about the battery in your iPad? E-Reader? Go-Pro? Digital Camera? Weego!? I’ll bet at least one of those devices sits on the shelf for a really long time, and those are the guys that need exercise if they’re going to make the long haul. When a lithium-ion battery sits on a shelf it lets out a slow leak of charge, like a water bottle with a pin-sized hole in its bottom.

But imagine, in an alternate universe, that water bottles could only be refilled if there was still some water in the bottom; if the water bottle was empty, it would be impossible to refill and would essentially die (it’s an alternate universe, anything could happen). That’s how lithium-ion batteries work. If they’re left on a shelf long enough, eventually they leak so much charge that it becomes impossible to refill them with charge again (i.e. recharge the battery). That’s why it’s SO important to give them exercise.

If you have a rechargeable battery or device that sits around, make sure you charge it to 60% (the best storage capacity for batteries) every 2-3 months. In addition, be sure to keep the battery in a cool location, somewhere that it will always be less than 76°F – the cooler the temperature, the slower the charge leak. This especially applies to your Weego, so you can be sure it’s always ready when you need it most!

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