Traditional Jumper Cables Can Cause Sparks to Fly - Use a Weego Jump Starting Power Pack Instead!

Jumper Cables vs. Weego Portable Power

When you’re stuck with a dead battery, the most common tool you reach for is traditional jumper cables – those archaic, complicated, and incredibly risky things that have been sitting in your trunk since you bought your car. You run around trying to find a stranger to help you jump, hoping they’re friendly and trustworthy so you don’t end up on the news in all the wrong ways. The stranger positions her car next to yours, which can be awkward (or near impossible, in tight spaces) You both pop the hood to your vehicles and try to figure out how to use jumper cables so that sparks don’t fly and blow out your electronics. Maybe you get it right, maybe you don’t. But either way – 20 minutes have gone by and now you’re running behind.

Alternatively, you could just grab your Weego. You pop the hood and you connect Weego straight to the battery - anti-spark protection is built in, so there’s no need to ground to the chassis. You turn your key, start the engine, disconnect Weego, and you’re off – 2 to 5 minutes, tops! No need to flag down a stranger, no risk of sparks or injury to you or your car, and no real time wasted. Aside from being extremely fast, Weegos are also extremely safe. There’s a suite of protections in place in case you connect Weego improperly; lights will illuminate and alarms will sound to tell you exactly what you did wrong, and your Weego won’t let you jump start unless you fix the error. Your margin of error is greatly diminished – even if you mess up a step, the protections ensure you’re still safe.

In the traditional jumper cables’ method, the margin for error is very large, and there’s nothing to protect you if you don’t connect those cables just right. Your Weego isn’t just a jump starter, either; it’s a very versatile tool and power bank. Use it to charge your USB devices (phone, tablets, etc) or as a high-lumen flashlight. Our larger models also alow you to charge laptops and power 12V tools and accessories! This multi-functionality makes Weego a great item to keep in your emergency kit, too. So, ditch those tired and dangerous cables and instead opt for the power to go anywhere with a Weego!

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