Keys to Jump Start a Battery

The Keys to Jump Start a Battery

What many people do not realize is there’s more to a successful attempt to jump start a battery than just having a capable jump starter. In the following article, we have detailed the two biggest culprits of failed jump starts.
  • Dirty battery terminals: When there is a lot of build-up around the battery terminals it creates an obstacle for power to pass through. It is like trying to get power through a very crowded doorway: it’s going to slow down the process, enough that your engine can’t even get started. When the jump starter clamps are connected to clean terminals, there is an effortless path for power to travel from the Weego Jump Starter, through your battery, and to your engine. For dirty terminals, there’s a quick fix: pour a can of Coca-Cola over your terminals and wipe them dry with a paper towel. It is safe, simple, and very effective.
  • Bad connection between the clamps and the vehicle’s battery: Weego Smarty Clamps® need to make the maximum-possible contact with the terminals in order to jump start a battery. You are trying to send a lot of current through those clamps, and the current needs a wide channel to do so; minimal contact would be like trying to shove a large amount of current through a very tiny space, and could prevent the current from getting where it needs to be. That means your jump start isn’t going to happen…so take the time to adjust your clamps for the best possible contact!
These two ‘prep steps’ are simple yet very effective. Even with a high-quality jump starter your engine would fail to turn over if the terminals are dirty and the contact is poor; something to keep in mind the next time you use your Weego to jump start a battery!
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