Good batteries aren't cheap and cheap batteries aren't good

Good Batteries aren’t Cheap, Cheap Batteries aren’t Good – What You Need to Know

You’re first intention as a buyer is to get the best price – but with anything you buy, quality gets sacrificed as the price gets lower. There are lots of products that are OK to do on the cheap, but others where it absolutely pays to pay – and this is most true when it comes to batteries. In an age of booming technology, batteries make the world go round. They’re everywhere, and that doesn’t seem too likely to change. But they’re also pretty dangerous devices when they’re not assembled or treated properly. Batteries contain flammable chemicals and materials.

As explained in my previous post a battery has 3 main components – two electrodes and a separator. The separator keeps the electrodes from coming into contact with one another, because when they do it’s a guaranteed fire. Now, surround those electrodes with a flammable liquid, and you’ve got some risky business.

When you buy a good quality battery, a fire would never be a concern – quality batteries ensure the separator doesn’t deteriorate and expose the electrodes to one another. The same cannot be said for cheap batteries. If you’re getting a severely discounted battery, chances are the manufacturing of that battery wasn’t too expensive. Why? It’s likely there was a gross lack of quality control and/or lesser quality components being used. Not really something you want to invest in...

When you’re buying something that contains a battery, or buying a battery itself, always opt for quality, even if it’s slightly more expensive than the market’s cheapest option. You’re assuring your safety and also your battery’s performance – a good quality battery will always perform better and last longer than their cheaper counterparts, so it’s a good deal all around.

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