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Driving with Pets

Yes, we’re about to tell you a whole lot of stuff you don’t want to hear – but don’t look away just yet! We’re not here to say you can’t ride with Fido sitting shotgun – we just want to keep you both safe while he sits pretty and gazes excitedly at the world zooming by.

Back in 2011, AAA teamed up with Kurgo, a company dedicated specifically to the safe travel of pets, to survey drivers about distracted driving with their pets. They found that 83% of survey respondents admitted having a pet run willy-nilly in the car is dangerous, but only 16% actually used a pet restraint. Many confessed to holding their pet or letting them sit on their lap, taking videos of them, petting them, or getting sidetracked trying to keep their dog in the back seat – all while operating a vehicle.

Even if your dog is a good boy/girl and sits still while cruising, you’re posing a great risk to their lives if they’re unrestrained in the event of a crash. Much like human seatbelts save your life, a doggy (or kitty, etc.) restraint can save your pets life, too. As Kurgo points out in their Dog Travel Statistics, a 10lb dog involved in a 30mph car crash will exert 300lbs of force. That’s a heavy hit for such a little guy and could easily be fatal.

Fortunately, Kurgo does an excellent job in providing a myriad of products for the safe travel of pets. They have everything from carriers to barriers, seats to seat belts. The company was founded by two brothers who have clearly expressed their passion for pets and travel into a line of sensible, affordable, and thoughtful products. And we swear this isn’t an ad plug! They have no idea we’re writing this post. As a company who dedicates our time to knowing our products inside and out and providing the best solutions to our customers, we appreciate that when we recognize it in others. Here are some more tips for making the most of road trips with your furry friends!

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