The easiest and quickest fixes you could implement to get a bit more out of each gallon

7 Ways to Increase Your Gas Mileage

While the list could go on, here are the easiest and quickest fixes you could implement to get a bit more out of each gallon and stretch your dollar a bit further in the process!
  1. Quit driving like an animal. Quick acceleration and deceleration is a waste of fuel – accelerating slowly at a lower RPM eats up less gas. Decelerating slowly i.e. not speeding up to the red light only to slam on your breaks, is more fuel efficient.
  2. Don’t idle! It’s a waste of gas. Just shut your engine off if you’re going to be sitting anywhere for more than a minute.
  3. Drive at a steady speed – 55 mph is the sweet spot for fuel efficiency. If you go above or below that speed, then try to keep your speed steady; meaning, try to hold a consistent RPM instead of constantly accelerating and decelerating. On the highway, cruise control comes in real handy here!
  4. Change your air filter when needed. Dirty air coming through to the engine will make it work less efficiently, whereas clean air keeps things running smoothly.
  5. Check the air pressure on your tires – too much or too little air in your tires has a bigger effect on your fuel efficiency than you realize. Make sure it’s in the sweet spot of “just right”
  6. Get rid of the junk in your trunk. Excess weight can take a toll on gas mileage. Think twice about using your trunk as a storage (or waste) bin.
  7. Get regular tune ups! This is the most important…making sure all your fluids and mechanics are up to par goes a long way in fuel efficiency. A well-oiled machine works way better than a grimy one.
While we don’t expect you to change your driving habits any time soon, it’s something to think about next time you put on your lead shoes for a highway cruise :)
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