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Why Weego?

Good Batteries Aren’t Cheap, Cheap Batteries Aren’t Good – Why Take Chances?

If you are in the market for a Weego, then safety and performance matter to you. Beware of other products that make unverifiable claims or are offered at steep discounts. To put it in another way, although all batteries look alike, which ones would you put in our emergency flashlight? Definitely, Weego. When you choose Weego, you’re choosing one of the best – we take the quality of our products very seriously, and so should you.


Crazy Long 18-Month Warranty

We’re confident our products are the cream of the crop, which is why we offer one of the longest warranties in the industry.  Even more, Customer Support and our In-House Tech Team are always available to answer any and every question or need you may have (regarding our products that is).

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Lab Tested

We use in-house testing and independent labs to verify the quality and performance of our Battery Packs so you can count on them to work here, there, everywhere.


High Quality/Long Lasting

Weego portable battery chargers only lose about 2% charge per month when stored.  So charge them up, put them in your pocket or glove box and come back in 12 months – you’ll still have more than half your charge left.

Words about weego


Super products! So easy to use! No cables, no second vehicle required! Grab the Weego from the glove compartment, hit the key and the car is running!

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